People's attention
is on social media.
Are you there 100%?

well, not really

If your business is posting daily on social media, you are fully leveraging all the platforms and your engagement rate is in the skies - please close this page, I'm not going to waste your time.

But if these words are not defining your business, you should keep on reading.

Why is social media so important?

Marketing is the heart of your business

If potential buyers don't know about your product, then your company doesn't exist. Get your word out and reach all those people who are interested in your business, show them who you are and what you do. Marketing is the heart of every successful business.

Your customers are on social media

Most of their free time, your customers are in front of their phones or computers. Nobody is watching TV when the ads are rolling, and billboards are a thing of the past. Even the car drivers are sometimes looking at their mobile phone - that's the place where you can find all of your possible customers.

Make connections with them

Nobody likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy. Put out content on your social media, offer value, make connection with potential customers, and ask for a return only after you have given something for them. If you are not there 100%, your competition will be.

I can help you with

Ideas to improve your business

If I work with a client, than his or her business becomes part of my life. I'm creating long-term collaborations, with the aim of providing value, and helping you succeed is my main goal. Your success is my success.

Valuable content creation

Having valuable content is the most important part of your social media account. You need to post constantly, keep your feed clean, and check your accounts daily.

Competition analysis

If you don't know what your competition is posting, how they succeed on social media, then you don't know what you need to do in order to get the same results. Sometimes it's important to look at the neighbor's yard and steal some tricks from there.

Ideal posting time research

Do you know when your audience is in front of their phone or computer? That's the time when you want to post out your new content. If not, then your message might be lost in the messy content feed.

Hashtag research

With the use of Instagram hashtags you can get more likes, attract new followers and increase engagement - if you know which hashtags are the most suitable for each post. That's why researching the right ones is just as important as deciding what to post.

Running contests

Customers love free stuffs, and are willing to do anything to win something. You can boost your page by creating contests and giving away free products or services. But do you know what is the best method to run contests on social media?

Targeted ads

Get more visibility for your posts with targeted ads. It's highly important to know how to spend money efficiently, and advertise only to your potential clients.

Developing sales funnels

Find prospects and convert them to customers. Social media can help you to advertise your service or product to a bigger audience. Why take just a pie from the cake, if you could take the whole cake?

Collecting email addresses

What if I told you that all social media websites will be gone would you contact your clients? I'm just joking, they will last and grow, but having an email database with potential customers is just as important as having an account with thousands of followers.

Landing page creation

Where are your clients going when you advertise a product? To your main website? Or you have a special landing page for each of your products/services when advertising them? Landing pages can detail all the benefits of your service or product, and maximize lead generation.

Product promotion

You can increase the overall sales of a product by promoting it with targeted ads which redirect the user to a special landing page. This is the place when they will start to be a part of your email database, and with the help of automated emails you can maximize the overall sales for your product or service.

Influencer marketing and shoutouts

Influencer marketing is a highly efficient way to promote a product. Shoutouts from accounts bigger than yours can give your a powerful boost, increase followers and get more likes on your posts.

YouTube and Snapchat account management

You need to create daily or weekly videos for you YouTube channel or Snapchat account. It's more personal than an image, and it's more personal than any other social media post. You can give a nice impression for your audience with it.

Video editing

Professionally edited video makes a big change in it's overall success. You are a businessman, not a video editor. Let professionals do the work, so you can have more time to work on your business. As you may know, you need to work on your business, not in it.

Attila Gere

Who am I?

Having 7 year experience in web design and online marketing, I realized how important is social media for every business - this is the future of marketing. Being present on social media nowadays is just like having a website in the '90s. It gets more and more attention with time, and every business should have an active social presence.

This is the reason why I started to gain knowledge in this direction. For 2 years, I invested time and money in learning business, sales, marketing and social media from books and courses worth thousands of dollars. If I'm starting something new, I want to give the best service possible and the best ROI for my clients.

Now, as I know how business, sales and marketing works, I can help you take your company to the next level, and build a consumer friendly image for you business.

Special Offer - Social Media START!

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account management

  • Page branding
  • Valuable content creation
  • 30+ posts/month
  • Posting constantly
  • Competition analysis
  • Hashtag research
  • Ideal posting time research
  • 1 contest creation
  • 1 targeted ad creation*

* Ad budget will be discussed in advance.

as low as

This is not all! I also offer:

Cancel anytime policy

If you want to cancel the service, you can do it anytime. There are no hidden fees or long term contracts.

Money-back guarantee

Within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with my service for any reason, I'll refund every penny.

Because I want to assure you that you have nothing to lose.

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I will help you leverage the power of social media, build a strong online presence for your business and make it a part of your customer's life. You don't have to be up-to-date with social media trends, spend your time researching, making posts, running ads - let someone who knows how things work do the best for you!

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